Have you ever dreamed of getting up in the morning without having to look for your glasses?

Searching the bedside table, finding the switch and putting your glasses on because without them, your vision is blurred. That’s what many people do first thing in the morning. Just imagine opening your eyes and not having to look for your glasses.

Perhaps you are experiencing a gradual deterioration of your eyesight and have to wear glasses for the first time? Do you find it difficult to get used to wearing glasses? Do you have to regularly replace your glasses because they are no longer appropriate? Forget prescriptions and the need to periodically replace your glasses.

Trifocal technology was designed for people who want to live without glasses. Practicing a sport in total freedom, discovering a beautiful landscape from all angles or checking a smartphone without glasses is possible, and it can all be done with superb clarity.

The trifocal lens will give you the best opportunity to enjoy excellent eyesight at all distances because, unlike bifocal or monofocal lenses, it corrects near, distance and intermediate vision.

More than 95% of patients with a trifocal lens implant get rid of their glasses or contact lenses for good. The satisfaction is such that 97% of patients would recommend it to their family and friends.

Don’t dream of living without glasses, get now the trifocal technology!

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