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Objects close to me appear blurry, while objects at some distance are perfectly clear. I have difficulty reading, writing or performing tasks up close.
Distant objects appear blurry, while objects that are close remain perfectly clear. I have difficulty driving or recognising faces from afar.
I find it more and more difficult to see up close. I tend to stretch my arms to read comfortably.
My near and far vision are both imprecise, distorted or almost double. I have difficulty distinguishing between points and lines, and I confuse similar letters like H, N and M.
For some time, my vision has deteriorated. I have the impression of a fog and bright light blinds me. Objects appear to me as if they were behind a white veil.

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Imagine being able to get up in the morning without having to look for your spectacles. You can admire the view from your window, work on your computer and read the newspaper without any help.

The trifocal technology guarantees optimal vision at all distances and without spectacles.

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